Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Was Worried...


(img via BDD)

After Beckett was nails in game 5, I was still considered, because no way Carmona could suck twice in a row, right? I of course failed to contend with the positive Mojo of one Jonathan David Drew:

Of course, if you say "Come on J.D., one Fnking TIME!" often enough, it will be ONETIME sometime. This time just happened to be the right time. Good times.

But that just got us to Game Seven. Three years ago, the thought process was "it would be just like them to get us to 7 and then..." But, with clearer eyes, I noticed something: Indians fans felt like they were cursed. I didn't consider it "in the bag" especially after we scored 3 instead of 13 in innings 1-3. But being a part of the second most negative fan base in a given game is far more pleasant.

So, on to Colorado, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't ridiculously confident. Don't get me wrong, the Rockies have a nice team, and I'll watch the replays of Tulowitski turning that 360 doubleplay as long as they want to keep showing it. But this is a team that has played over it's head, and now has had a couple of days to come back to earth. I think it's unavoidable that we're just bigger, badder and meaner. The closest parallel is last spring's Golden State Warriors. Inspired run to get past Dallas, but Utah just beat the crap out of them, and despite Baron Davis's Beard doing this (any excuse, imo) Utah was just too much.

And much like that series, I think Sox in 5.

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