Monday, October 15, 2007


Amazing how that one little thing just comes up a bites you in the arse. The whole second half of the season, all of RSN has been living in holy terror of being forced to pitch Eric Gagne in a big spot...and den?

And den, as the fembots in DWMC? would say, "And den no more and then!" (Except there were still six more runs of and den, including Franklin Guttieriez's "look, I really am a major league hitter" A-rod special.) Just like that, all the optimism has been sucked out of the room, so when Kenny Lofton (who I'm fairly certain has more years than pounds on his body) jacks one and Jake Westbrook dominates, we say "of f*&#^*G course they did."

Let me just say that if we don't get off to a lead tomorrow, I will not be loving life.

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