Thursday, November 15, 2007


My official response to BB getting indicted? Who gives a fuck? Right, sportswriters do, because until this news came out even they seemed to realize that going on and on about Phil Jackson making an unfunny (and played out) joke was getting a bit silly.

As I write this I hear Tony Kornheiser saying "now his records may be tainted." Huh? Why? He did something that A) everyone else was doing, B) was not against the rules (or close enough to not against that rules that everyone else was doing it, see point A,) and C) We've all known this for years anyway.

Fine, it's a Very Bad Thing to lie to a grand jury. But why is this literally a federal case? (Answer: because Bonds is an asshole, so people feel good about going after. Simple answers to stupid questions, for $100, blogger? Query, what if he were a white dude genial journeyman like Paul "I can haz perscription" Byrd?)

And in any event, on the question of "did he or didn't he?" I don't care. Sure it's fun to occasional use to 'roid-monkey card on MFYs such as Gary Sheffield or Tanyon Sturtze, but this is just another shining example of arbitrary line-drawing and faux-moralizing endemic to the so-called War on Drugs.

Now shut up, drink your beer, pop your nexium and watch the game...

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